About Us

Michael Panettieri is the name behind Built in Style, a building company that has a strong 30 year history as a premier private residential and commercial Building Company in Inner City Melbourne

Today Michael specializes in  independent personal face-to-face consultation work, specifically, Pre-Purchase and Post-Purchase Inspection Reports

The Inspection service provided by Built in Style stands out in its face-to-face consultation feature, allowing clients to speak to Michael directly regarding all the features and possible problems pertaining to their chosen property.  The ability to ask questions, talk through the floor plan highlighting possible undetected features, discuss any renovation considerations and receive an estimate of possible future costs for any problems found, is an essential feature of the Built in Style Inspection Service

If you are considering renovating your home or would like advice on the structural integrity of a property you are considering to purchase or have already purchased, why not book an appointment, it may be the best investment you ever make....

Michael Panettieri - Residential and Commercial Building Practitioner

Michael Panettieri - the face behind Built in Style