Selling your home?

Are you considering selling your home?

If this is the case, it may be advisable to book a Pre-Sale Building Inspection and assess any areas that may require attention before your sale campaign begins

The inspection will highlight any areas that will be of concern to a future buyer, or be flagged on a Pre-purchase Building Inspection

$ 550 inc gst

Renovating your home?

Are you planning to renovate your home?

If so, it is most advisable to organize a Pre-Renovation Building Inspection.

The Inspection will cover issues such as:

Council Regulations
Town Planning constraints
Your specific requirements
Interpreting any Architectural or Drafting Drawings
Any specific concerns

$ 550 inc gst


Other Types Of Inspections

A Defects List For a Newly Built or Renovated Home

You may have recently completed building or renovating your home and require a qualified Building Practitioner to examine the property and compile a photographic list  of any defects that may exist

$ 750 inc gst

Purchase Of A Property Subject To A Building Inspection

You may have signed the contract on your new home, but not had the time to organize a 'Pre-Purchase Building Report'

Another option to consider may be to sign the Contract of Sale 'subject to a successful building inspection', that way Built in Style can inspect the property and assess any areas that may be of concern before you fully commit to the purchase

$ 550 inc gst

The Steps Involved

What you need to do

You will be required to book the Inspection, using our 'Book an Inspection' Link

The Building Inspector will contact you to organize a time for the consultation

The property will be inspected for pre-purchase, pre-renovation or pre-sale

The consultation will take place 24 - 48 hrs after the inspection, subject to property and your availability

Full payment will be required on the night of the consultation

Payment options are Cash, Cheque or Bank Transfer